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There's no better feeling than this

Designed to keep you organized


Never search through your bag again

Attach anywhere on you bag with the carabiner

Easily holds 30 tees

Fits tees up to 4"

Made from a high quality, water resistant nylon

Microfibre Suede Towel

This is a multi-purpose golf towel made from a high quality microfibre suede, combined with a Tee-Sax signature pocket that you can store tees inside!

Trusted by 


 golfers worldwide!

Built for convenience. Easily access your golf tees on the outside of your bag. No more digging through your bag to find out you have no more tees.

Simplistic design. The simple 4"x4" design is made from a durable water resistant nylon. The zipper opening provides easy access and keeps the tees from falling out.

Stay Dry, Stay Clean. Made from a lightweight microfibre suede. The Tee-Sax towel will be the last towel you ever buy.

Snap off on the go! The magnetic carabiner snaps on and snap off on the go, attach it anywhere for easy access to your towel.

Step up your game
Take your bag game to the next level with Tee-Sax!
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