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All Tee-Sax® products are handmade. No fancy warehouse or hundreds of workers making Tee-Sax. There is  just one guy and a sewing machine building the greatest golf bag accessory. Tee-Sax was started in August 2020 with one thing in mind, convenience. When I would go golfing I would never have any tees in my bag and would have to continually ask friends if they could spot me. One day while I was searching through my empty pockets and empty bag the idea came to mind, why don't they have something you can hang off your bag to keep your tees organized? So I went home and immediately went to the drawing board and started coming up with ideas for how I could make this work. After some time planning, Tee-Sax® was born.

Tee-Sax was started in Mississauga, Ontario. Our goal is to make the beautiful game of golf even better, our simple design and eye catching colours will make anyone wonder why they didn't have a Tee-Sax sooner. The ultimate golf bag accessory makes your golf tees accessible at all times. Each product is designed and handmade with the highest quality fabric.

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